Terms and conditions

1. GHI Marketing Solutions will not allow URL submissions from adult web sites or any other web site that is considered offensive to the general public.

2. As a GHI Marketing Solutions client I hereby indemnify and shall keep indemnified the administrator(s) or owner(s) in respect to any loss or damage action claim suit or proceeding against its administrator(s) or owner(s) and further that, such indemnification shall extend to any financial outlay expended by me, people i refer to the program, or people that have referred me, such that the administrator(s) and/or owner(s) shall not be held liable in any way.

3. I also understand the administrator(s) and/or owner(s) do not and cannot guarantee that I will earn income from joining GHI Marketing Solutions free web site and domain name offer. This also applies to any other search engine for as example Google, Yahoo and Bing.

4. All graphics and content on this website is for illustration purposes only and if governed by copy write laws.

5. Terms and conditions of any search engine advertising. Under no circumstances can GHI Marketing Solutions be held responsible should any search engine decide to change their search engine structures or policies causing your web site placement to be removed or downgrades; however GHI Marketing Solutions do not for see any changes that are imminent.

6. The free web site one year hosting offer only applies to clients that have been agreed by GHI Marketing Solutions terms and conditions and whom can terminate this agreement at any such time should they choose so with justified cause. This applies to both parties.

A. Each web site hosting that is agreed by GHI Marketing Solutions will be placed on a Linux server. Linux hosting is only available for the free one year hosting offer, however should the client require a windows or other hosting platform this can be arranged as an option with an additional charges agreed before by both parties.

B. Each web site hosted on a Linux server must not exceed a maximum of 1024mb (1gb) of space and 10,000mb of monthly bandwidth which is allocated, however should the client require additional extra web space or bandwidth this can be made available on larger servers.

C. Each client’s web site will have its own control panel access (CPanel) with unlimited web mail addresses and MYSQL database unless otherwise stated.

D. If the client has a current web site it must be currently hosted on a Linux server otherwise GHI Marketing Solutions cannot offer free 1 year hosting and alternative servers are available which will be compatible with current web site coding.

E. If the client has a current web site GHI Marketing Solutions will need full access through ftp to obtain and catch all file data necessary to transfer the web site. GHI Marketing Solutions cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to such files unless it can be proven as negligence.

F. In such cases where CMS (controlled management systems) or external email servers are being used GHI Marketing Solutions have the right to decline from hosting as special requirements and management system will need to be looked at very closely to find a suitable compatibility? CMS website’s have a fixed IP address!

7. GHI Marketing Solutions cannot be held responsible in any way should the client fails to inform if any special requirements are currently being used hosting their website before transfer.

8. The free one year domain name purchased for the client on behalf of GHI Marketing Solutions can start with any of these following extensions only .com, .co.uk, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .eu, .mobi, .us, however if other extension are required by the client this can be arranged with an addition charge agreed prior.

9. The domain name will be registered, and after the free one year of registration expires the client will be given the option to renew the domain name that will include a renewal registration fee.

C. If the client already owns the domain name GHI Marketing Solutions will require the client to change the current domain name tag;  name server (NS) DNS. This will need to be done by the current domain name registrar and will not be responsible for any costs involved in this transaction.

D. GHI Marketing Solutions recommends that any current hosted domains are hosted on the same registrar as our own servers are on.  GHI Marketing Solutions cannot in any way be held responsible for any downtime of the domain if we are not the registrar.

10. Each client that takes the free web hosting and domain one year offer, will have full access to their own control panel with support, however should the client make changes to setting stopping functionality GHI Marketing Solutions will charge to rectify if necessary.  To view example of the control panel click here.

11. GHI Marketing Solutions must point out the on different browsing platforms such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari currently have browsing security issues and have no control on rectifying related issues, therefore are exempt from these curacies.

12. I agree to receive promotional email from GHI Marketing Solutions of which you can cancel at any time.

13. GHI Marketing Solutions has a zero tolerance for spaming. Any substantiated offence may result in your immediate expulsion from further inserted GHI Marketing Solutions search engine submissions.

14. I understand and agree that these terms and conditions. These may be updated in the future and as soon as they are published on this website I agree to abide by the new terms of use.

15. These Terms of Appointment are governed by and subject to English Law.


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