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How To Add Your Website To Google And Increase Your Sales And Traffic In Day's!
"Google Indexing and Ranking Fast"

See Your Website rank in Yahoo and Bing as well.

Submit your website and be exposed to potentially TENS of THOUSANDS of new and unique visitors.

Our system drives your web site with a huge advantage on Google's indexing and page ranking over millions, giving you a head start to build upon!

Front Page Spot on Google Guaranteed
Or We Will Give You Your Money Back!



Thank you for visiting our website and your interest in our Google offer.
The Google search engine submission service we offer is a Google indexing and ranking system that gets your business appearing on the first page.
In many cases we are achieving #1 spot within a small period of time!

Now, you're probably saying this is not possible or if it is how do they do it?
I can also hear exactly what you're thinking, but please read on before making a judgment about something that is about to change the way internet marketing is done in the future starting from now!

Firstly, let me tell you yes it is possible because we have proved it over and over again, and we will show you how.

What's the first step:
Once you've bought in to our service at the bottom of this page we then let our experience technical team gets to work creating Social Media book markings, RSS Feeds and blogs with advanced coding and scripting that's recognized by Google throwing your website into hyper space.

After this has been implemented our development team then submits your web page or pages to Google’s search engine through our state of the art submission system. At this point the link gets indexed by Google's search engine almost immediately appearing on Google's results and will start seeing your website rising up the pages.

I know it sounds quite a statement but the most important part is it works and gets results faster than you could ever imagine! We have spent years developing our system & it's not as straight forward as it sound, but the main thing it will get you the results you have so desperately been looking to find!
Normally this indexing procedure can take months if not years to get recognized by Google's search engine costing most businesses a lot more in time and money. In today's economy, we all need to start looking for more alternative affordable solutions with achieving our goals and targets!
Google Indexing & Ranking
Please bear in mind the development stage can take up to fourteen days to complete from start to finish as there is quite a lot of work involved. Also we help you add fresh quality content to your blog as this is an essential part of the process that notifies the search engines you are keeping active. Remember more so than every you have to be active as this is what Google wants! Don't worry though we will guide you on how to refresh and keep your blog up to date. It’s quite simple, no technical programming degrees required just the ability to write a good few words relating to your niche market and the software pumps it out for you as and when you want!

The system we use also submits your RSS feeds to Google’s search engines every day for the first six months, seven days a week so you have no need to worry, our software will take care of the technical side for you.

We design, create and set up forms and coding all inclusive, all you have to do is give us your top six phrased keywords of your choice and we will pick the one's that we can front page rank on Google, this includes adding links directing to your website URL. You will need to supply us some text and pictures relevant to your keyword, however if you have a web page you want to use this may be a possibility but we will need to look it over first before making any decision! You will also need a new gmail email address and password for logging in to your blogging account. If you don't have one we set all this up for you at no extra cost as its all included.
The page or pages we set up and develop will be your landing page, from which you will have links going directly to your chosen website page or pages. You can have as many links as you want (example: if you have ten web pages you can have links going to each of the ten web pages from your landing page).

One of the terms of our agreement is that funds are to be paid in three phases so if we do not achieve to place your advert on the front page of Google.com or Google.co.uk Search engine with one of the targeted phrased keywords from the launch date we will refund all your money no questions asked, however this won't be necessary as we know you will be 100% satisfied with the results you get as so many of our customers have already experienced!
Example below shows how our business, jumped to the #1 spot of its category & dominated the page.
For almost every keyword phrase our business was targeting we were able to position our ads within the top five listings on Google.
This is a limited time offer so take advantage of it now before we increase the price, and this is going to sky rocket once the word gets out!
Just think of the extra traffic it will bring you!
This is one of the easiest and best offers your get Online for Google 1st Page ranking!
If you are looking to find more traffic and Google first page Ranking you have come to the right place at the right time!
Let's get you going now!
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To Your Success
Gary Hyams
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